Mystery Adventure Island

by Primitive Programme

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Josh & Ian was a 2 piece garage rock band from Fall 2015-Spring 2016. It later transformed into a 3 piece New Wave band called Primitive Programme.


released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Primitive Programme Salt Lake City, Utah

Previously known as "Josh & Ian"
Primitive Programme is a new directive concentrated on the uncertain future of homo sapiens.


3/18 @ Diabolical (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) w/ Sculpture Club, Choir Boy

3/30 @ The Urban Lounge w/ Modern English

5/2 @ Diabolical Records w/ Natural Causes, Los Yayaz
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Track Name: TV
Man comes on the television
To tell me wrong from right
Take what you want from the world
No need to be polite

Because the TV says its ok
What the TV says is ok

I don't mind the television
When the television is right
Teach the children no responsibility
Give them no moral sight

Because the TV says its ok
What the TV says is ok
Track Name: Kemosabe
Got a place we can go
Got a place we can hide
(Come on take a walk on the wild side)
Got a place we can go
Where we'll feel safe inside
(Going no where fast I got plenty of time)

It's not enough
It's never enough

Sometimes I feel low
Sometimes I feel high
Sometimes I could die from my feelings inside

Its what it is
And what it is
Is how it is
Track Name: Swell
Everybody''s going out tonight
Everybody but me oh it's fine
Never thought I'd be alright
Never thought I'd find this peace of mind

I don't just feel alright
I'm gonna feel so alive tonight
Enjoy a piece of cherry pie
Have another piece of jealous pride

You have to let it go
What if I can't let go?
Track Name: Fountain of Phonies
You thought you had it all
But you lost it
Waiting for the call
But you missed it

Fountain of Phonies
Garden of Yuppies
Clovers of Posers
They make me vomit
Track Name: My Brain is Melting
Sometimes it feels like my brain is melting
That's usually when I'm thinking of you

Night visions of the future
That already happened

I don't want my brain to be glue
Terrorized when you shouted "Boo"
Track Name: Constant Entertainment
Coming up from down below
Coming up to watch your show
Pick any channel that you like
Ride the couch your entire life

Is it True?
So True.

Coming up from down below
Cosmic travel on your telephone
Pick any color that you like
Tie your shoes your entire life

Is it true?
So True.

Everywhere I see your face
It makes me nauseous
Teach the children how to walk
Or they'll stumble